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January 1, 2017

FINRA District 6 Committee: Melinda ("Mimi") LeGaye has joined FINRA's District 6 Committee as a small firm representative.



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International Risk Management Services


Whether your firm is based in the United States and conducts business in Latin America, Canada, Europe or Asia; or if your firm is a foreign financial institution conducting business in the Untied States, the fact that your firm conducts business internationally presents a unique set of compliance and risk management issues for your firm, as compared to other FINRA member firms. Today’s  regulatory and political environments only  increases the complexity of these issues and the scrutiny placed on these activities by both FINRA and the SEC, thus increasing your organization’s potential risk.

FINRA member firm’s conducting business internationally can quickly run a foul of foreign as well as domestic regulations, exposing your firm to a number of risks including:

  • Administrative and or Criminal Sanctions by foreign regulators for failure to be properly registered;
  • Rescission of transactions which were effected without being properly registered (client gets to keep the winners, you get to keep the losers);
  • Civil Litigation; and
  • Reputational Risk.


MGL has extensive experience working with FINRA member firms who conduct business outside of the United States. Areas where MGL can be a valuable resource and compliance partner for your firm include:

  • Registration and Licensing
  • Cross Border Transactions
  • Use of Foreign Associates
  • Advertising & Sales Literature Reviews
  • Conducting business with Foreign Bank Affiliates
  • Conducting business with Politically Exposed Persons (“PEPs”)
  • AML and CIP issues
  • FACT Act issues
  • IT Security Issues
  • Conducting foreign branch office reviews
  • Pre-Licensing Training
  • AML Training
  • Reviewing Global Compliance and Supervisory Structures
  • Due Diligence on Products offered by Foreign Affiliates through FINRA member firms.
  • Foreign Exchange Services offered by FINRA member firms.

MGL is uniquely qualified to consult with your firm regarding cross border compliance issues, as we have experienced professionals who are bi-lingual (Spanish) with both regulatory (FINRA and Comision Nacional de Valores de Bolivia) experience and or senior level compliance experience inside a global environment. Let us help you stay compliant.