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MGL is always happy to match your needs to the core competencies of the attorneys we work with.

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January 1, 2017

FINRA District 6 Committee: Melinda ("Mimi") LeGaye has joined FINRA's District 6 Committee as a small firm representative.



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Securities Litigation Support Services

Our professionals have extensive experience working on behalf of claimant and respondent firms in matters concerning regulatory enforcement actions, civil complaints as well as FINRA arbitrations. Our management team each brings more than 25 years securities industry experience, and on average, more than 10 years litigation consulting experience, individually, encompassing:


MGL’s experts have been retained by attorneys representing both the claimant and the respondent, giving our firm a unique perspective when we review the facts of a case, and assist with discovery or provide expert testimony.

MGL’s management team takes the lead on all cases but is supported by a team of professionals with a diverse background of experience, including FINRA regulatory experience, international regulatory experience, state agency regulatory experience, as well as legal and accounting experience. Where needed, and with counsel’s agreement, one or more of MGL’s team members may join a case to ensure the client receives the most thorough representation.

Fees. MGL does not charge for initial consultations, whether by phone or in person. MGL’s hourly rate for consulting, review, research and or preparation of reports is $300.00 per hour. MGL’s fees for testimony (trial, hearing and or depositions), is $2,800.00 per day or $350.00 per hour. When providing expert witness and or litigation support services, MGL does not charge for travel time, faxes, copies, postage, long or distance charges. MGL may charge for overnight delivery, parking, etc. at cost. Travel costs are charged at cost and are not incurred without client’s or counsel’s prior approval. To the extent printing, binding, and or electronic presentations must be subcontracted, such expenses will require prior approval of client and will be billed at cost by MGL. For more information regarding terms of engagement and or fee structures, please contact us at or 281-367-0380.

MGL has relationships with many law firms and attorneys across the country, as well as internationally. MGL is always happy to match your needs to the core competencies of the attorneys we work with.

MGL is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.