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January 1, 2017

FINRA District 6 Committee: Melinda ("Mimi") LeGaye has joined FINRA's District 6 Committee as a small firm representative.



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To serve our clients’ growing needs and as part of our Business Solutions portfolio, MGL’s Professional Development programs and systems help businesses grow and expand. They are a natural outgrowth
of our more than 25 years of experience in building successful businesses in the financial services industry. The insights we’ve gained in providing regulatory and compliance consulting during this time have allowed us to develop a comprehensive suite of offerings to take you, your staff and your organization to the next level of performance.

Experience that Counts
With our Professional Development programs, we’ve worked successfully throughout the U.S. and internationally with organizations and industry associations in developing management and sales teams. Whether it’s someone new to a management role or a team that needs to leverage resources, we are able to focus on your specific needs and structure the right program to meet your business objectives.

Building Success
Professional Development within a firm is essential to business success because well-trained, highly-qualified and motivated people are the cornerstones of your future. MGL’s Professional Development group specializes in the growth of your most important asset… people. Depending upon your identified needs, MGL can provide the right mix of training, development and mentoring services to prepare your firm for growth and business success.

Programs to Meet Your Needs
We provide all the basic licensing and training programs to meet regulatory requirements plus higher level instruction that can be customized, aligned with your business objectives and delivered in a variety of multi-media platforms (virtual, live, print, online, etc.). We can also consult with you to develop unique programs that meet your special challenges, budget and time schedule. Our experts are attuned to the changing educational requirements in the financial services industry and have years of experience in content development and classroom training. They are additionally available for private instruction when desired.

CE and Licensing
MGL offers a broad variety of affordable, convenient and current web-based pre-licensing and compliance based CE and FE training through its MGLU online service. You can browse our catalog or
view a demo class free at To supplement this, we additionally provide pre-licensing training assistance and scheduling. Our courses meet FINRA regulatory and Firm Element requirements and many are qualified for CFP and or insurance continuing education credits as well. In short, MGLU offers a comprehensive selection of licensing, compliance, operations and CE courses to meet diversified needs.

Progress Tracking
MGLU can also provide you with current tracking information on these programs so you can monitor the progress and performance of all participants. Performance results help you analyze and focus your Firm Element or Insurance CE programs to ensure you meet regulatory requirements in concert with your business objectives.

Comprehensive Offerings
The scope of programs offered through MGLU are targeted to match your workplace initiatives in many different areas including:

  • Securities and Futures Pre-licensing
  • Insurance Pre-licensing
  • Real Estate Pre-licensing and CE
  • Mortgage Banking and Investor
  • Education Courses
  • Continuing Education (CE)
  • *Firm Element (FE)
  • *Custom Course Development
  • *Product Roll-outs


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